Mid-America Packaging Makes Customers Insanely Happy!

St. Louis, MO – March 5, 2019

Sam, from Engage Technologies Corporation and close vendor friend of Mid-America Packaging reached out to President and CEO, Andy Schwartz to share a recent customer review after an equipment installation with one of our MAP technicians.

Kyle, a MAP Service Technician, went to a customer last week and finished installing a CoPilot on a Taper at a customer’s facility the day of an ice storm. When Sam arrived he was shocked to discover that  Kyle had already come and installed the CoPilot; he arrived that morning by 9 am! Most people had been delayed due to such a terrible storm, but Kyle had been sure to get to the customer first thing for the install.

The customer told Sam he was “extremely satisfied” and referred to Kyle as a “keeper!”  The customer, Kelly, boasted the following: the installation was done within 4 hours, he showed Kelly how to run the software, Kyle worked well with the maintenance team to get a bracket for the installation of the printhead, and when the operator posed a question about software capabilities Kyle quickly built a second Orion message for the specific application needs. And most importantly, Kelly’s boss was happy with the results on his investment!

We love making our customers Insanely Happy! 


How Do You Know When You Have an Insanely Happy Customer?

You know you have really hit a home run with a customer when they send you pictures on their day off of them relaxing and holding the customer care gift we sent them!


What Does Insanely Happy Customers Mean in Other Languages?

coca-cola-translationRecently, Coca-Cola did a translation test to find out what their trademarked tagline meant in various languages and found it has various meanings for different cultures; some good and some not so good. So we got the idea to translate our brand philosophy, “Insanely Happy Customers”, and see what translations we could find.

These are the languages we translated to:

  • FRENCH: Madly Happy Customers 
  • GERMAN: Incredibly Happy Customers  
  • ITALIAN: (same) Insanely Happy Customers
  • SPANISH: Immensely Happy Customers
  • PORTUGUESE: (same) Insanely Happy Customers
  • KOREAN: So Happy Customers
  • SWEDISH: (same) Insanely Happy Customers
  • JAPANESE: Insane, Customers
  • ARABIC: Lunaticly Happy Customers
  • DUTCH: Insanely Satisfied Customers
  • RUSSIAN: Terribly Happy Customers  

As you will see, some of these translations are the exact same or very similar to the way we use the phrase, but there are some oddities depending on the cutlture in which you translate. For instance, “lunaticly” is not a word often used in American English. “Madly” is a word that’s understood in Americanized English, but usually has the translation of being angry or upset rather than a word used to express joy. In Japanese, the translation came out to be 2 separate words sounding like we have and strive for “crazy customers”, which was by far the most entertaining translations we had.

All in all, we think Insanely Happy Customers had a far better translation test than our friends at Coca-Cola.

  • Article by: Nichole Shores, AJ Adhesives Marketing Director & Insanely Happy Customer Branding Director

MDM: AJ Adhesives Takes Service to New Level – Sets lofty goal of making customers “insanely happy”

In 2015, MDM is recognizing distributors that are innovative in their approach to their markets. St. Louis, MO-based adhesives distributor AJ Adhesives Inc. was selected as an MDM Market Mover for its creative approach to customer service, which includes a trademarked tagline and even a theme song.

AJ Adhesives is proud to share MDM’s press release for being a  2015 Market Mover. Read the full article here!

AJ Adhesives Takes Service to New Level

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