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IHC CoverGirl – Meet Lindsey!


Everyone, meet Lindsey!


Lindsey is our newest IHC team member; she just joined us this summer! So far Lindsey has been an amazing addition to the team! Between jumping in on the phones, running requested samples and quotes and backing up customer service she truly is a jack-of-all-trades!

We want you to get to know our IHC team. So here is our fun Q&A with Lindsey!

1.Tell us a little about you! What are your hobbies, what do you like to do on your weekends/time off, etc?

I am not originally from the St. Louis area and grew up in Troy, Mo; so, the whole “Where’d you go to High School?” bit doesn’t really apply to me.  We only had one high-school!  I moved to Saint Louis 10 years ago, and currently live in South City.

Lindsey & Rylan

I have a 5 year old son, Rylan; so, when I am not working, I am running around accommodating his social calendar.  We enjoy anything outdoors from going to the park, fishing, and swimming.  When we aren’t outside, I am teaching him to play chess and we like to draw and paint.

When I am not with Rylan, I also work Part-Time at Scottrade for the hockey season, so I am a huge Hockey fan!  LGB!  This year is REALLY going to be our year!! I am a very artistic person, and Pinterest is ruining my life.  I should probably seek help, but it would take time out of my pinning.

Don’t Bother the Artist!

I enjoy playing volleyball and used to play competitively before the parenting gig started, now I just play recreationally and on the occasion, not the six nights a week I used to.  I’ve also found a new love of Bocce Ball, my Sicilian family is so proud. I absolutely love going to concerts and live performances.  I like all kinds of music, and you will always hear me say  “Who Sings this Song?”  And I really expect you to know it.

Concert time!

When it comes to the professional side of me, I am very hard working and believe I have an A+ Work Ethic.  I am constantly trying to improve things and make them more efficient.  Eventually, I would like to go back to school for my LEAN/Six Sigma certifications.  I do have my Bachelors of Science in Health Management and Policy from Saint Louis University and an Associates in Business Management.  I also get overly involved in March Madness, it’s kind of my Christmas. 

I feel like I am rambling, so I will end with my favorite quote (They taught us in college to always end with a quote…makes it more memorable.  But how could you forget me?)  “Love me, or hate me.  I’m still going to shine”

In summary:  I have a laid back personality, and sometimes even let my wittiness come out.  I love to smile, laugh, and act goofy.  I work hard and play hard.  If you want to know anything else feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email!

2. Give us some of your favorites! Examples:  Food, Ice Cream, movies, music artist, sport, activity, etc. 

I love John Wayne movies, and anything that makes me laugh.  Some of my fav’s are McKlintock!, Sons of Katie Elder, True Grit (Refuse to see the remake).  I also like the occasional Clint Eastwood like High Plains Drifter and Two Mules for Sister Sarah.  On the other side of things, I love the movie Grandma’s Boy, Employee of the Month, Dude, where’s my car, Shawshank Redemption, and Wizard of Oz.  I don’t have a favorite musical artist, I pretty much love all music.

3. When did you start with AJ?

July 16, 2014

4. What’s your favorite thing about working at AJ?

I love the culture.  Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful.  I love family style atmosphere.  I am particularly impressed with the Core Values.  It really shows where AJ is rooted and where its success and growth have come from.  Andy and Jim are absolutely awesome, and I am loving getting to know everyone.

5. What does our IHC service & philosophy mean to you? 

I love the IHC philosophy!  Making not just the customers, but anyone that comes into contact with AJ insanely happy is a fantastic philosophy!  I am very high energy and positive, so the IHC Philosophy is right in my wheelhouse.  It’s great that we go the extra mile for our AJ friends and are empowered to do so. 

6. If you were stranded on a deserted island what 3 things would you take with you?

1. Unlimited Supply of Bud Select

2. Channing Tatum

3. Flint striker  

Channing & Bud Select. Best combination in the world.

7. List 5 words that best describe you.  

1. Determined

2. Outgoing

3. Loyal

4. Positive

5. Sarcastic


To learn more about Lindsey check out our Let’s Bond page!