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Fail Safe Ways to Always Know When to Order


Does this sound familiar? You’re going through your line, making sure everything is running smoothly. You’re checking in with your team to make sure you’re going to meet the deadline, making sure that you have enough materials and time is carving out just right and then – OOPS – you realize you’re on your last bit of glue to finish the job! So then you’re faced with a dilemma. You call up your internal AJ Account Manager and hope against hope it’s not too late to get more glue out today since you know we’ve gotten you out of that pickle before.

Sound familiar?

We know the drill. We understand it’s always stressful when you get yourself into that predicament and AJ is always here to help you as best we can to make sure your line never goes down. But how can you have your internal team help you to make sure you’re not in that situation? We’re here to help you with that too!

Check out these fail safe ways to make sure you order on time and avoid those rush charges.

Hopefully these helpful tips and tricks will help you to keep your production flow seamless.

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